Shot Glass Motivation


I have a friend that is rather laid back, moves slowly and rather, um, should I say phlegmatic vs myself, an energetic, fast moving type A person. So as I'm constantly moving quickly, intrigued by every squirrel that I see, he is skeptically weighing every situation to see if it warrants his time and energy!

So on I Saturday morning, we had planned to go the the local farmers market and it was 1/2 hour before time to wake him, when low and behold he shows up fully dressed and ready to head out the door. Now, the farmers market is not something that excites him, but he was joining me as he knows it is a favorite experience of mine. 

I' m thinking to myself... wow.. he's really wants to go with me, when I say to him... hey you're up early and raring to go... what's up?

His response was not what I expected, but rather he says.. “I’m going to get shot glasses…”???

Me scratching my head…”I beg your pardon... shot glasses?”  

“Yea”, he says, “I put in for some free shot glasses and the guy answered so I'm going now to get them”. He explained that he used to get shot glasses for one of his sons when he traveled and this was kind of a blast from the past.

So honestly, shot glasses? 

Who would have guessed that shot glasses would have put a fire under him to create such movement!

Hey, I'm not judging here at all...

My point is…

We are all motivated by something, right? 

Like me rising early on Saturdays to join the festivities at the local farmers market..

So what's your shot glass?

What motivates you to action?

Pay attention

Use that shot glass in other ares when you need a fire under you for positive action...

Motivation, inspiration, transformation!

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be alive, fit & free,