The Battle With Styrofoam Snowballs

So, I took another job at World Market to earn a little extra cash …

Such a fun place to work. I feel like I’m traveling the world with all the cool stuff and I haven’t even left home!

I was busily unpacking some huge turkey platters the other day… well, trying to unpack the turkey platters that were totally ensconced in layers of cardboard, paper, Styrofoam and more Styrofoam pieces, tightly wrapped with rolls of packing tape I’m sure. 

Now who ever planned this packing operation must have a highly engineered technique as only two platters were in each box and believe me I struggled to get them set free!

As I started the procedure of setting loose the infamous turkey platters, I had no idea how they were packed and I began digging in and frantically tearing away pieces of cardboard, cutting through the many rolls of packing tape and the worse part…. chipping away at and ripping up the “fun” Styrofoam that, oh yes, falls into little snowballs that viscously cling to your hands, face and clothing!

Seeing as I had about 10 of these lovely boxes to battle with, I began to slow down and evaluate just how this process, notice that word, process might unfold differently if I had a plan! 

Now, you must understand this is not my Type “A” style… I’d rather dig right in and get the job done, but after the mess I was making… I was rather proud of myself that I would think to slow down long enough to figure out the process.

I did and the next 7 boxes became my ally as we worked together, following the process, the procedure that assured the most effective way to unleash these lovely platters with the least amount of Styrofoam snow attached to my hair, face and body!

My point is… if we slow down and get a method, a system, a procedure or a process set into place, the job or goal we are striving towards works more effectively and smoothly, helping us to reach said goal quicker and implement lifestyle changes.

So, when embarking on a new transformation or lifestyle design project, consulting with a professional that has that process, procedure, that plan, that tried and true system that will gently, efficiently and effectively get you to your new destination is invaluable for your success.

Alive, Fit & Free Corporate and Cultural Consulting does just that… 

I have a system, a process… simple yet profound that is enjoyable and custom designed to easily and efficiently transport you into the new culture you want to create for yourself!

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